Drone Service Providers (DSP)

If you are a Droner Service Provider or would like to establish a Drone Services unit in your corporation, contact us at eyesAtop to help you build a competitive DRaaS (Drones as a Service) unit based on our algorithm driven cloud platform. As commercial drone use soars, ‘drone services’ take flight (Fortune).    

Drone Manufactures

Commercial drones are the fastest-growing part of the market (Economist) Drone Manufactures are accelerating their entry to Commercial Drone use. eyesAtop helps Drone manufactures reduce the entrance barriers to Commercial Drone use via our Drone technology, solutions & even unique Drone firmware developed to accelerate drone manufactures entry to the commercial drone market.  

Construction & Mapping

How UAV Technology is Changing the Face of Heavy Industry… Drones will be utilized as integral part of the construction mapping, survey & monitoring, and to accelerate the entrance of more construction companies. eyesAtop open the construction mapping market even further utilizing Drone Farms and Drone teams to automate mapping & survey needs utilizing multiple… Read More


Security Teams have begun to use Drones to avoid & respond to crime incidents as well as use cases of searching for missing people and monitoring of traffic around road accidents. eyesAtop Drone solutions are used today to support complex defense & security missions with state of the art technologies & innovation.


Home Land Security organizations are using Drones to monitor , protect & respond to border activity. The challenge of controlling thousand of miles of borders can be overcome by implementing super efficient & advanced Drone hives. eyesAtop Drone solutions are already used today to support HLS missions with state of the art technologies & innovation.


Flying Higher : Drones in Agriculture (WDAZ)…. Here are a few ways aerial and ground-based drones will be used throughout the crop cycle (MIT Technology Review, July 2016) 1. Soil and field analysis: Drones can be instrumental at the start of the crop cycle. They produce precise 3D maps for early soil analysis, useful in… Read More